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Frequently asked questions

The car can be booked by phone, email or through our website, as well as by visiting our offices in Spain. See addresses in here.

Car renting requires a valid passport and driving license with at least one year of experience.

Reservations are only for certain categories of vehicle and not on the specific model. However, we try to take into consideration your preferences when booking.

No, there are no logos.

The minimum age of a driver able to rent a car is 21.

You can pay the rent with credit / debit cards, cash or by bank transfer.

Yes, the credit card number must be provided in case the car is booked at the airport.

You can change your booking on our web-site by contacting our agent by e-mail or on the phone.

Yes, You will have unlimited mileage in Catalonia.

At the arrivals hall, an employee will be waiting for you with a sign of “Olimpia Rent a Car ”.

If the flight number is set, our employees will be informed about the delay of your flight and will arrive at the airport by the time of your arrival.

Yes, You can drive the car outside the borders of Catalonia or Spain. It’s important to inform the employees of Olimpia Rent a Car.

Basic insurance: The rental price includes compulsory insurance, including civil liability, as well as insurance against theft and fire.

Full insurance: Additional car insurance at your request. This type of insurance does not include:

- key loss

- erroneous fueling

- puncture of the wheels

- damage to the side and rear windows

Franchise: In the event of damage to the car through the fault of the customer, a deductible established in accordance with the category of car is deducted. The insurance does not include damage to the vehicle interior.

Deposit: The amount deposited by the Client at the time of conclusion of the contract for the rental of a car, established depending on the category of car. The deposit is held by the Company in the event of:

- key loss

- car evacuation

- erroneous fuelling

- damage to the side and rear windows

- damage to the vehicle interior

In case of an accident, it's important to stop the car and inform the employees of Olimpia Rent a Car. All necessary contact information will be passed to the tenant when receiving the car.

Also, depending on the type of accident, an act of police may be required.

In the case of damage you will need to contact our office for further instructions.

Yes, it's possible, but in this case, there can be some location charges depending on the place of the reception and delivery of the car.

In case the delivery of the car is delayed for more than 30 minutes, there is an additional fee for a day.

We unblock the security deposit at the time when you return the rented car. Mostly it happens immediately. However, depending on the client's bank, we can not determine the exact date of return.

Yellow: Do not park

White: Free parking

Blue: Paid parking

Green: Paid parking

If you have another question, you can write to our email reservas@olimpiarent.com, or call us on the phone (+34) 972 364 710